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WNBA League 

Uniform Reset

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The WNBA was in need of a reset. The ask was to ideate on how the WNBA could reset their approach to uniforms in a way that could bring energy and parity to a league that featured the most elite athletes in the world. This also marked the 25th anniversary of the league.

The concept was inspired by literature and archetypes. Every athlete in the WNBA has a unique story. We wanted to lift the women of this league up and their story by developing characters and communicating the idea that women are not one dimensional. They can be more than one thing at any given point in time, and in the WNBA they have to be.

The character archetypes we focused on were Heroines, Explorers, and Rebels, and these archetypes translated into uniform designations for each franchise, replacing traditional “Home,” “Away,” “Alt”.

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