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Womens World Cup

Team USA 

Uniform Narrative  \   Graphic Direction  \  Design

The seasonal narrative for Team USA Women’s team was an opportunity to empower a group of amazing women that are at the very top of their profession. The home uniform was inspired by the iconic team from 1999. A team that made the world believe that not only do women belong on the world stage of sports but can dominate it as well.

The home jersey features a hand-placed collage with all 50 states crossing in and around eachother, communicating that the country is one and that the team putting the country on their back through the tournament. The away jersey was artwork that was created to show the passion, energy, and attitude of not only a new team but a new generation of fans that don’t believe in limitations.

The home jersey would go on to become the Number 1 selling jersey all-time for one season (male or female) for

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