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Odell Beckham Jr

Seasonal Narrative  /  Footwear Graphics

Direction  \  Product Graphic Design  \  Illustration  \  Design

Odell Beckham Jr has a signature line with Nike cleated and I was tapped to create a narrative and design that spoke to Odell’s desire to use his voice.

After conversations with Odell it was clear to me that the story we wanted to create was about overcoming and cancelling out the unecessary noise that often plagues super start athletes. Perceptions of athletes often get distorted by the media and other outlets so we really wanted to capture that constant state of chaos while also empowering Odell as well.

“Blah Blah” became the hero element for this project as a means to communicate that the the multiple narratives and opinons are just noise to Odell and the cleat was designed to serve as a reminder of what really matters and what not to pay attention to.

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